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Brandon Brown August 8, 2018
"Delicious food, lots of different appetizers in egg roll form. Good burgers and great fries!"
Chipmunk Adventures August 5, 2018
"Most excellent food combined with service with a smile and a beautiful setting! AWESOME!"
J.A. Marchese July 26, 2018
"Awesome ur juz not gonna find better..u have 2 be there 2 appreciate a wonderful place..oh ya !!!"
Kate McGowan July 26, 2018
"This place is a hidden gem of deliciousness with neat rustic decor to give you that cozy cabin feeling. Whether you're stopping for a quick bite amidst venturing the peninsula or hanging out over drinks, Bear Belly is the place to be."
millie raisanen July 15, 2018
"Good food beautiful scenery"
Aaron Schiferl July 3, 2018
"Awesome food and great staff"