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We will no longer offer

Black Bear Hunts

at the Lodge

Thank you to all those

that helped with the hunts,

& all of our past hunters.

These pages contain information

from past hunts.

Denny 304 lb Black Bear

Bob Davis  281 lb male bear

Zach, Denny & Troy

With Denny's 304 lb Black Bear

2010 Black Bear

Karrington & Dave VanderMolen  2008 Bear

2008 Hunt Photo's

Click on link then go to 2008 Hunters photo's

to view 2008 Bear Hunters Harvest


2009 Hunt Photo's

Click on link then go to 2009 Hunters photo's

to view 2009 Bear Hunters Harvest

2010  Photo Link          Hunt Photo's

Click on link then to to view



                                                 The LLBL Outfitters                                                   

Troy, Bud,Tim Reed's 532 lb Black Bear, Matt, David,& Bill

2005 Season

Bill Westerbrink 297 lb Black Bear

Donna Doyle 286 lb Black Bear

David Menomonee 225 lb Black Bear

October 3, 2007


Richard with his 282 lb Black Bear2007 Season



Tim Reed 2005 Season

532 lb Male Black Bear

Tim Stalker  460lb Black Bear 2010 Hunt 


Jeremy Heinonen 409 lb Bear 2005 Season


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Donna Doyle

286 lb Black Bear

Jason Harper

198 lb Male Bear

2010 Hunt


Mark Willis

169 lb Bear

David Menominee

225 lb Bear

Jake & Family

415 lb Bear

LD Culbert

2007 Season Bear


John Deck

219 lb Bear


297 lb Black Bear

Outfitters with Jake

415 lb Bear

Tim Reed 532 lb Bear

2005 Season


Bill, Matt & Troy

Outfitters with Tim's Bear

2005 Season


Zach & Kate with her

275 lb Black Bear




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