Meet Our Staff




                                            David / Lodge Manager

David Menominee-

David is the master of disguises.  Could be Indian (thus the last name), could be Italian

(tall dark and mysterious) or Mexican (cheap and easy).  His alias's are Tonto,  Guido,

and Manny Menominee the blueberry picker.  Tonto came to beautiful Lac La Belle while bear guiding for the great white hunter Richard P. Smith, but after Richard got lost because he didn't follow the indian's direction well, Tonto figured he better find a different white man to work for.  Tonto was made Chief of the Lac La Belle Lodge by Gabby Westcott.  She is a hard, crass, devilish woman to work for but free Teepee and beer is worth the pain.  He was given the name "Guido" to hide his past misfortunes.  Guido cooks like Emeril on Viagra.  The great food flows from the kitchen faster than the Montreal River in spring.  Tonto still guides bear and snowmobile bar tours.  So stop in and say hi to Tonto or Guido or Manny.  Pay his bar tab and he will guide you in circles around the great white Keweenaw.



                    Bud                                  Bud,     Roy,    Troy,    Bucky

                                                                                                         (Bud's Dad)                   (Bud's Brother)

Meet : Roy A. Koljonen, Jr  (aka Bud) - Will always be part of our staff. R.I.P.

We all miss you Bud.

Born of finnish stock, on a frosty, hoary night this past half century plus five.

Bud epitomizes northern man.

From his shack on the lakes south side he ranges the woods and waters of this country by canoe, sled and snowshoe.

Mighty bucks fall helpless to his gun and trout fear his name.  His trapline yields the finest pelts, women sing his praises.

Yet still in calmer times, he finds time to serve you a cool drink or cook you a hearty meal.

When you see him shake his hand warmly and offer him a shot of Wild Turkey.

He might even smile after splashing it down, or he might even tell you of a good fishing hole. Don't hold your breath on that note.

Friendly and jovial by nature, Bud is also quick to pick up on bullshit and just as quick

to offer up a heartfelt "Go F#*%?* Yourself" and make you happy to be on your way.



Michele Olson /   Store Manager

Michele lives on the lake with Husband Rick, son Adam and daughter Laura.

She loves to be outside (as long as it's above 75 degrees)

She is addicted to the Fabulous Five in reality shows "Survivor" being her favorite followed

by the "Biggest Loser" & "American Idol" taking up much of her evenings. Any remaining time you can find her currled up with a good book, mtn. Dew and a bag of twizzlers close by.


A new member of our staff. Bio soon to follow.

Liisa Koljonen 

A new member of our staff. Bio soon to follow.


Meghan Westcott / Waitstaff

Daughter of Troy & Cathy Westcott

Worked at the Lodge since 2000



Tristan/ Waitstaff / Bartender

Bio soon to follow.


Terra E. /

Waitstaff / Bartender summer help.




                           Amanda                                                                       Aaron & Amanda


Amanda Wais  / Fill in Bartender

What can we really say about Amanda?

She moved to Copper Harbor in December 2005 with the intent of snowboarding

at Mt. Bohemia for the winter.  But as fate would have it, she immediately fell

in love with the area and hopes to stay for ever.  A bartender for many years, she

loves to be a hostess & make people feel at home.  When she has free time, she

like to out for adventures on snow shoes, cross country skis, a hike or

mountain bike ride.  She is constantly inspired by the landscape of the Keweenaw,

the peacefulness, and, of course, Lake Superior.  You can even see what she has

to say about it at

A wonderful new mom she spends most of her time now devoted to a wonderful little boy.



                Steve                                                          Steve

Steve Erbisch / Bartender

Although a CPA by trade, Steve likes to escape to the bar to get away from

all the tax forms piling up on his desk.  So, while he's whipping up one of the best bloody

marys you've ever had he can also help you determine whether you should section 179 your new boat or depreciate it over it's useful life.  In the spring, when the water softens,

Steve becomes Captain Steve.  You can find him exploring the dephts of Lac La Belle,

searching for the mighty walleye.  That way, when you call him for a charter he'll know

the magic combination of lure, color and speed to put you on fish


                                              Capt. Steve  

                                             Click here for information on Steve's fishing charters



Guest Bartenders:

As always when in town  :    Alexandra & GabbyWestcott

   They may be the owners daughters, but they are very hard workers.

                ( I think we are harder on them than most employee's)




John Dee:  Guest Bartender 

John came and bartended for his Make a Wish fundraiser.



        John Helping at the bar                                  John & Dave

                                                                                Wow! John even helped in the kitchen.


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