2008 Hunt Information & Photo's

                          2008 Hunting Photo's

Our 2008 bait arrived  Aug. 8th just in time to start baiting Aug. 11th.

We bait every day rain or shine

The bait arrives from lower Michigan on semi truck.

The driver shown in photo with our high low driver Wendell

Zach helps Wendell with a box of bait

The bait box is very heavy

We have 12 ton of bait delivered this year.

Zach moves the bait in the storage area.

Wendell loads the last box in Storage

Gabby outfitter Troy's daughter can't even see over all the bait.

Grandpa Bob & Bill unlock the bait trailer

Tom Gets buckets ready

Zach & Troy get ready to bait on a rain day

Matt fills Zach's buckets

Zach gets the long quad run today

Grandpa Bob gets the day off from baiting to make wood

Bill fills his buckets

Matt & Troy filling buckets


Outfitter Bill's wife

Donna (Before baby due 9-10-08)

Outfitter Matt's better 1/2


Outfitter Troy's daughter

Our big helper

Zeus the bear dog